Sir Winston on… King George VI

As British Prime Minister for nearly a decade, Churchill naturally had regular and intense contact with the ruling monarchs of the day.

In this fascinating extract, Sir Winston remembers George VI, father of Queen Elizabeth II and the inspiration behind the film ‘The King’s Speech’.

Sir Winston on… “The Few”

In this moving extract, Sir Winston recounts the thoughts and motivations behind another of his iconic speeches. A legendary piece of oratory, most famous for giving rise to the description of the heroes of the Battle of Britain as “The Few”.

Sir Winston on… The Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain was one of the critical junctures in the second World War; defeat would have almost certainly meant a Nazi invasion of the English mainland, for which Britain was ill prepared.

With typical understatement, Sir Winston talks of his admiration for the British Air Force and their revolutionary system of airplane management, which was credited with decisively winning the war in the skies.

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