Sir Winston Churchill on… Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria was the United Kingdom’s longest serving monarch, ruling for 63 years and seven months, and giving her name to the era of Victorian Britain.

Winston Churchill was a lifelong Imperialist, and his early, formative years were spent during the glory days of the British Empire – and he was reluctant to embrace modernisation insofar as it related to the demising of the golden era of British rule.

In this powerful extract – Sir Winston delivers his statesmanlike thoughts on the great English Queen, as well his fond memories of her enduring legacy.

Sir Winston Churchill on… David Lloyd George

One of the most complex and enduring relationships in early 20th Century British Politics was between Sir Winston Churchill and the Welsh firebrand David Lloyd George

Lloyd George served as a mentor and inspiration to Churchill, leading him to join the Liberals in 1904, and both of them being instrumental in the resignation of Herbert Asquith in 1916.

In this emotional extract – Sir Winston describes the dynamics at the heart of their relationship, and how they hid a surprising secret beneath their aristocratic exteriors.

Sir Winston Churchill on… Christmas celebrations

Even during his busiest periods, Winston Churchill remained a resolutely traditional family man, and always made time during the festive season to create a warm sense of occasion.

Here he recalls one particularly memorable christmas eve; containing a powerful message about his enduring christmas spirit, and the perils of rather too much sherry before bedtime.

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