Sir Winston Churchill on… David Lloyd George

One of the most complex and enduring relationships in early 20th Century British Politics was between Sir Winston Churchill and the Welsh firebrand David Lloyd George

Lloyd George served as a mentor and inspiration to Churchill, leading him to join the Liberals in 1904, and both of them being instrumental in the resignation of Herbert Asquith in 1916.

In this emotional extract – Sir Winston describes the dynamics at the heart of their relationship, and how they hid a surprising secret beneath their aristocratic exteriors.

Sir Winston on… “We shall fight them on the beaches”

Churchill was well known for his bravery both as a soldier in his early years and in his later political life; he was always energised by conflict and emboldened by challenge.

Perhaps the best example of this came during the early days of the war; with British morale at an all-time low, Churchill’s proclamation that ‘we shall fight them on the beaches’ was a stark rejection of defeatism, and a bold rallying call of defiance for the nation.

Sir Winston on… Neville Chamberlain

One of the defining conflicts in Churchill’s career was regarding how to deal with the rising threat of Nazism in 1930’s Europe. Among his opponents was Neville Chamberlain, most famous now for his ill-fated proclamation of ‘Peace for our Time’ after the Munich Agreement.

For the first time on camera, Sir Winston outlines the sometimes complex relationship he shared with Chamberlain, as well as some insights into their social life away from cabinet.

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