Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill

In the centenary year of the start of the Great War, we are proud to present to the world a set of never-before seen interviews with the most famous British Prime Minister in history: Winston Churchill.

On this site you’ll be able to see exclusive footage from the rediscovered interviews, as well as excerpts from my book ‘Winston: The Voice’ revealing the academic and social impact of this extraordinary historical find.


I hope you enjoy exploring the interviews as much as I did.

Professor Toby DeWinter

PhD (De Montfort University), MLS, BA History 

Churchill had many opponents during his long career in Westminster, sparring frequently with members of all parties and causing him to earn a status as something of a maverick.

One of the most famous rivalries however, was with the Labour leader and renowned socialist Clement Attlee, who’s vision for post-war Britain often stood at odds with Churchill’s Imperialist beliefs.

In this revealing extract, Sir Winston talks frankly and passionately about the political and personal divisions between himself and the man he allegedly referred to as being ‘a modest man, with much to be modest about’.

As well as being a formidable politician and wartime leader, Churchill was well known for his rapier-like wit in social circles.

One of many such exchanges was with Nancy Astor, a Viscountess and the first woman to sit as an MP in the House of Commons.

As this extract shows, although a noted intellect, she was unlucky enough to find herself on the end of Sir Winston’s sharp tongue, with predictably devastating results.

The rise in nationalist politics during the 1930’s was not just confined to Nazi Germany; Fascist parties and their uncompromising leaders spread all the way to the Mediterranean and beyond.

One of the most formidable of these dictators was Benito Mussolini; a further complication for Churchill’s already stretched campaign in the middle east.

In this extract; Sir Winton recalls one significant cabinet exchange on the subject of ‘Il Duce’ and the enduring legacy it had on his life from then on.

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