Sir Winston Churchill on… The ‘Sinews of Peace’ Address

Sir Winston Churchill was well-known for his epic speeches; rallying the British people in their stand against Fascism during the war.

One of his most famous speeches however, was the ‘Sinews of Peace’ address, given post-war in 1946 at Westminster College, the subject of this exclusive extract.

In typically elegant and politically astute terms, Sir Winston recalls the inspiration for his dark counsel on the future of Eastern Europe under the rule of Stalin’s Soviet Union.

Sir Winston on… Clement Attlee

Churchill had many opponents during his long career in Westminster, sparring frequently with members of all parties and causing him to earn a status as something of a maverick.

One of the most famous rivalries however, was with the Labour leader and renowned socialist Clement Attlee, who’s vision for post-war Britain often stood at odds with Churchill’s Imperialist beliefs.

In this revealing extract, Sir Winston talks frankly and passionately about the political and personal divisions between himself and the man he allegedly referred to as being ‘a modest man, with much to be modest about’.

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